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DO Your readers hit your site thinking....

"Oh yay, another complicated tech solution. Is this one gonna help me...or is it going to make my migraine even worse? Because it's already 6pm and my to-do list isn't even half done."

Sure, they'll get excited once they see all the ways your doo-hickey (their words, not mine) will get their work done at lightspeed.

But they're not at that stage...yet.
We need some content that tells their brain "you're in the right place"....stat.

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Hello, have we met yet? 

suzanne berthuy content marketing writer

Hi there, I'm Suzanne.

I write fun and reader-friendly sentences that make tired brains feel like they're at a spa.

 give them bite-sized tasty servings from your genius team.

So your readers can run out into the world and immediately start solving their problems with your tech solutions.

Or at least start crossing your competitors off their "maybe list."

Your readers need your brilliant people with mountains of expertise...just not their jargon-filled copy (that makes them feel like they're walking in oatmeal...wearing concrete shoes). 

what can i do for you?

Take your ideas and write high-quality articles for your blog

Do SEO keyword research for blog articles

Create attention-grabbing headlines for blog articles

Research ideas for blog articles your readers will love

Content strategy for your blog's content calendar

Research-based or interview-based articles

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